Newborn care Specialist

newborn care specialist

A Newborn Care Specialist, a/k/a baby nurse, is a skilled professional with a high level of experience caring for newborns. She will help establish a family’s needs and provide advice and support in the caring of your newborn. She will also provide the following:

  • Care for Multiples
  • Sleep Training (Help in training your infant(s) to sleep through the night)
  • Night Feedings or will bring the baby to you if you are breast feeding
  • Circumcision/Cord Care
  • Preemie Care
  • Help relieve symptoms of reflux and colic
  • Emotional Support

A Newborn Care Specialist usually works as a live in for approximately 3 months. However, Nannies Who Care also provides temporary services where the Newborn Care Specialist will come in at night only and it can be for a few nights per week (you set the schedule) so the parents can get their much needed sleep.

All of our Newborn Care Specialists have passed the following criteria:

  • Verify eligibility to work in US*
  • Complete background check*
  • Extensive criminal check (includes other states)*
  • Federal criminal check
  • Drivers record check
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search*
  • Social Security number verification*
  • Previous Address verification*
  • Extensive nanny application
  • Childcare references checked
  • Personal references checked
  • Interview with Nannies Who Care, Inc.
  • All nannies are CPR trained

*Our Criminal SuperSearch is a nationwide search of criminal records, including the District of Columbia. Each Criminal SuperSearch report contains a wealth of information, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information. With over 3,100 counties nationwide, there is not one database available containing all the criminal information. Based on the social security number validation/7-10 year address history, we will be able to detect counties of prior residence for your applicants. If any of these counties are not currently up-to-date in our Criminal SuperSearch, our system will notify you and we will send a court runner to the county to make sure all possible records are uncovered. Intellicorp is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

A Newborn Care Specialist will vary in the rate as some have more experience and training depending on your needs. They range from $18/hr – $25/hr, plus the agency fee depending on whether you use live in, live out or temporary. Please call our office and we will discuss with you to select a plan that suits your family. Holiday rates are at time and a half.